What Would Google Tell You to Do if they were your SEO Consultants?

What Would Google Tell You to Do if they were your SEO Consultants?

SEO in Under 10 Minutes for Startups

I’ve been in the consulting business for about 7 years now and the principles always stay the same.

Over those years, I’ve seen con artists and potion sellers come and go who pretend to have the best thing since flying pigs… aka… nothing you’d want to sell to your mom…

Anyways, in all my years working with clients, the focus has been on adding value to your customers and the marketplace. If you were my client right now, I would say forget about “SEO” in terms of link building and get back to good old fashioned business.

That’s right, business… Now what do I mean…?

In business you build relationships, take care of your customers, treat them well and help them solve their problems, and then follow up with them to sell them more of the same, or something else.

You build a great mouse trap, and tell people about it. If they still don’t understand, you either do some repositioning or educating of the marketplace.
If people still don’t buy, they you reflect on the viability of your business… Do people even want what you’re selling?

The mainstream SEO advice since Google came on the scene has been to go after links… build back links… and yes, this worked for a long time, and still works…

The problem I have with this way of looking at a business is that it is a messed up way of looking at things.. It’s like saying

“The End, justifies the means”

or in more dramatic terms…

“I have to kill these blue people over here, because I want world peace”


“I want to protect America/Americans, so It’s ok if I ignore the constitution and spy on US citizens”

(political, maybe… messed up logic, yes)

Anyways… When link building.. you’re focusing on the link and not the business benefits that you really want.

Let’s be honest here… you don’t want a link… you want more traffic so you can get more customers…

It’s the age old marketing advice of understanding your prospect’s goals…

in the game of business
You want a hole. (aka.. more clients)
Not a shovel… (More backlinks)

So stop collecting shovels and go after the hole…

What is the hole in SEO?
What would Google tell us to do for our marketing efforts online?

Here is a video directly from Google that fills in the beginning parts of getting a business set up online in under 10 minutes

This video breaks down the need for Analytics, a warning system for when things go wrong, and some advice on content creation to get users engaged…

There is even some technical 301 Redirect advice that will protect you from “duplicate” content.

Since we’re playing in Google’s world of search it makes sense to take notes when they allow someone to talk out in the open… You can agree or disagree, but at least you need to know and understand what Google shares with the public…

The more Google lays down the law, the more I realize how much better business can be when you focus on adding value and creating things that make you proud… Something that will stand the test of time because it’s valuable…

Not just another link that no human ever sees, and is worthless.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think…

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