The 8 Most Effective Tactics for Optimizing B2B landing pages

The 8 Most Effective Tactics for Optimizing B2B landing pages

The world around us is filled with opportunities; we could do this, that, or the other thing.
The challenge we face as online marketers is where we should put our focus. Focus (i.e. Time) and money are the constraints we all operate under and if you’re trying to build a fast growing company you’ll need to focus on the high leverage actions.

As marketers we’re always trying to maximize our return on effort. With more people coming online, competition for our audiences attention and interest is fierce. We now live in a world where everyone and their cousin is creating content. Some people do it with a business end in mind, while others create content for fun. No matter who is competing for mind share in your market you want to make sure you capitalize on the people who have decided to give you some of their time.

In a recent report by Ascend2 you’ll learn

  • The number 1 tactic for optimizing your task completion rate once you get someone on your website (Most people only focus onĀ conversion rate)
  • What 197 marketing professionals at B2B companies are actually doing
  • The 3 easiest landing page optimization tactics you can begin implementing today

You can read more about the report on MarketingProf

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