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How to build a simple sales funnel that will bring you more clients, and give you the metrics to make better decisions

Introduction This report is designed to be a quick read. I want you to get all the necessary information and take action right away. By the end of this series you will better understand online marketing, be able to build a measurable marketing system, and know about the 5 mistakes your competition are making online.… Continue Reading

What Would Google Tell You to Do if they were your SEO Consultants?

If you’re only focusing on Google SEO, you’re making a mistake

The worst number in business in 1. 1 Employee who does everything 1 merchant account 1 Product 1 Customer 1 Source of income 1 marketing campaign and 1 Source of traffic. If you have been spending hours and hours, plus thousands of dollars on getting “Free” traffic from the Search Engines, then you are setting…

Gmail Delegation helps keep business going when you’re away

Google recently released a video on the new Gmail Delegation function on Google Apps. If you’re using Google Apps, like myself, you’ve been able to enjoy the many tools availabel. I mostly use the Google Drive function to connect with the team and move projects forward. At the moment we have about 10 Google Apps…

Google Search vs Google Search Partners

As we start looking in to advertising metrics it is important to understand what brings the best results. Where are people coming from? How much am I playing for each visitor? What is the conversion rate? What is the conversion rate of my funnel? (i.e. how many of my opt ins turn in to sales)…

Happy Clients

Ulrich has worked on my search engine optimization for my business website with the goal of increasing my page rankings on google and increase traffic leading to increase in revenues. He did just that and much more. He has created page one rankings for over 45 of our main keywords and we're now able track traffic through analytics. We are now on the first page of almost all the keywords for our business.

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