If you’re only focusing on Google SEO, you’re making a mistake

The worst number in business in 1.

1 Employee who does everything
1 merchant account
1 Product
1 Customer
1 Source of income
1 marketing campaign

and 1 Source of traffic.

If you have been spending hours and hours, plus thousands of dollars on getting “Free” traffic from the Search Engines, then you are setting yourself up for trouble.

If Google was someone you’re dating and you went all out to the point where your life would be ruined if that person left, a psycologist would say it’s a problem and you have dependency issues.

Now, if you’re business only goes on dates with Google the consequences may be far worse then some sleepless nights and hours with friends. If Google decides to change, which it will, then you are screwed if you depend on Google.

A more appropriate strategy for a business you want to last long term is to diversify. To have more than a single point of failure in everything you do. There is no reason to take a risk if it is not worth it…

Especially when the livelihood of your employees, and your family may depend on it…

I was reading about “google being a single point of Failure” on Search Engine Journal.

Mark Daoust makes some good points and shares a few stories that will help drive the point home.

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