Google’s Matt Cutts Talks About Guest Blogging for SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts Talks About Guest Blogging for SEO

I’ve been online since Stompernet first came out, and everyone was focusing on website directories, keyword density, and meta descriptions for SEO only. It was a time when caution was thrown to the wind and people got carried away with spammy sites that had massive amounts of keywords in the footer. These sites would have a grey background with grey text, so the user wouldn’t see it… It was shaddy, but it worked.

I never got tempted to go to the extreme of hiding what I was doing, but I did my fair share of link building, for the sake of link building.

Those days, a lot of energy was spent on getting links, SEO, rankings and sadly I didn’t spend much time on real honest to God marketing.

You know what I’m talking about… the stuff that you’re proud of when it’s pushed out to the market. It serves a purpose more important then a backlink. It is there to move a person closer to their goals, offer a new perspective, or just be entertaining…

Real marketing builds assets… and it seems Google is just trying to get people to realize that assets are more valuable then “just links”…

The lesson is always the same… Do something you are proud of, would show your mom, and would recommend to your best friend… because its good, it’s quality, and you’re willing to stand by it.

on Search Engine Journal, John Rampton comments on a post by Matt Cutts, the face of spam prevention in Google.

Matt Cutts was compelled to let everyone know that guest blogging, just for SEO, is a bad idea. In the beginning Matt just bashes Guest blogging, and you get the impression he wants you to stay on your own properties and don’t play with others… However, he comes back later and adds more context. He’s talking about the guest blogging that has only one intent… to get a link…

The intention is off while creating the content, requesting it, or distributing it…

If you’re intention is to just “get a link” then your standards go down. You don’t think about the user, or the property hosting the content because it is not one of your own money sites… it is just a means to an end…

The people who are sending out guest blogging requests seem to be living with this intent… online marketing courses mentioned guest blogging as a good idea, and the low quality content producers jumped on board like vultures.

It reminds me of the false meme…
“The end justifies the means…”

This is used over and over in history to justify violence, abuse, and plain stupid behavior because the desired result seems more important then the damage caused along the way.

SEO is changing for the better because we can all go back to the fundamentals of marketing and building a business. We’re here to build valuation of our businesses… either to sell it later on, to make things run a little smoother so we can take more holidays, or just to build momentum to get to the next level.

I see SEO and marketing as a process of building assets. Online Assets produce traffic, brand awareness, goodwill, and pride in who you are if you focus on putting substance in your work…

If you’re on the other side of the bandwagon, then you’re really doing the opposite and creating more and more liabilities…

I believe our job as marketers is to educate, communicate, and connect with our audience. We leverage the platforms we create to make a sale, and then repeat the process while consistently adding value.

Matt Cutts is just sharing some common sense wisdom.. It’s a nice reminder to stay away from the seduction of “easy” link building… This is a marathon, and the only people who will be left standing are those who bring something of worth to the table..

I was inspired to write this based on John Rampton’s Post on Search Engine Journal…
Titled: Matt Cutts Clarifies Guest Blogging for SEO (with tips)

He breaks down what Matt Cutts actually said and adds his own comments, which I agree with..

John Rampton Comment SEL 1-21-2014

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