Google Search vs Google Search Partners

As we start looking in to advertising metrics it is important to understand what brings the best results.

Where are people coming from?
How much am I playing for each visitor?
What is the conversion rate?
What is the conversion rate of my funnel? (i.e. how many of my opt ins turn in to sales)
What is the lifetime value of a customer?
How much am I willing to acquire a new customer?

In Google we have the option of going after many different channels and the one that seems to be least discussed is the Google Search Partner channel..

If you’ve been considering advertising online you are familiar with Google’s Paid search. It is the advertising that shows up next to organic results based on user search queries on

This may be where the volume of your traffic comes in; however, the Google Search Partners network may lend itself to an untapped opportunity. These are other sites who have decided to show Google ads based on user search terms. On Search Partners your ads can appear on search results pages, on site directory pages, or on other pages related to the person’s search.

It seems many people are not talking about this channel as much as Ads from the Google search engine results page… and since the option for being included in the Search Partners network is on by default, it is possible that some people may be wasting ad spend without knowing it…

Here is an article from Search Engine Journal that discusses some ways to optimize your campaigns and potentially see some profitable results.

Make Google Search Partners Work For You

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