Gmail Delegation helps keep business going when you’re away

Google recently released a video on the new Gmail Delegation function on Google Apps.
If you’re using Google Apps, like myself, you’ve been able to enjoy the many tools availabel.

I mostly use the Google Drive function to connect with the team and move projects forward. At the moment we have about 10 Google Apps accounts live and some of them are not checked as often as I would like.

I’m thinking of just delegating most of the accounts to one account so that I can manage the majority of emails in one place by just changing users.

I wanted all emails to be separated in different inboxes and this seemed to be the best approac for me. I still use the filters and the labels to organize my email, but I get so much that a specific account for a specific type of communication made more sense…

No more needing to go digging in labels and filters to find what I want and why.

Here is a short video talking about the Gmail Delegation functionality in Google Apps.

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