5 Facebook and Twitter Marketing Alternatives to Try in 2014

In one of my youtube videos I talked about the process I go through when working with a client. To make the context easier, I’ll talk to you like you’re about to become my client…

First we would sit down and I would listen about all the goals you have, what you’re currently doing, the results you have seen, and the resources you have available…

Once I understand the context, we then need to decide on what to do first, second, third etc…

I tend to lead towards the major movers and shakers online for my marketing such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter…

Beyond those channels I tend to get in to being overwhelmed with all the different options and demands to produce consistent content.

The exciting news is that most of our competitors are also going through feelings of overwhelm, and may be ignoring these opportunities. They ignore them because they require a learning curve or because it’s just another thing to add to the already packed “to-do list”

A while back when I was in my self improvement kick, I remember Earl Nightingale say that…

If you are about to start a new business, and you don’t know what to do… then the best option would be to look at all your competitors and do the opposite of what the majority is doing…

The majority tends to be wrong, the majority of the time, since they develop a pack mentality and start to essentially become the same.

To differentiate yourself and stand out, you need to think differently and the topic of marketing channels is an appropriate place to start.

Everyone is using Facebook… but how many businesses are leveraging

– Instagram
– Pinterest
– Linkedin
– Google +
– Video (Youtube/Hangouts)
– Podcasting

Some, or all of the above… I doubt your market has many people taking advantage of “all” of these channels and that leaves an amazing opportunity for us Marketers to get a foot in the door and make something happen.

Melonie Dodaro shares some more insights on each platform and gives you resources for taking action today. Her LinkedIn information is top stuff.

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