Doing research on the Theory of Constraints, quality control, flow, lead generation, sales process engineering, influence, storytelling, and media buying online.

What I Like to Work On


I like to solve problems.

Sales Process Engineering

Based on "The Machine" by Justin Roff-Marsh I get excited about bringing harmony to the sales process where Sales teams focus on selling and the coordinators take ownership of the back office.

Lead Generation

Online or offline - I play in different media. Without cashflow we all have to close up shop so this is near and dear to my heart.

Documented Systems and Processes

You can't grow what you don't measure, and flow is the name of the game. I'm looking build processes that take into account resource dependencies and minimize the business currently being presented as work.

From the blog

I like to write articles on the research I'm doing, problems I'm trying to solve, and other curiosities of business and life

Should be an interesting ride.
I'm dividing the content into
- Commentary
- Research
- Change

Response to Ronan’s Article on Luck + Talent + Wisdom

My friend Ronan Mcgovern has a series on entrepreneurship on his blog. One post in particular caught my eye. I wrote this blog comment in response. You can see the original article here: ——– Hey Ronan, I’m enjoying your regular articles. At the moment I’m reading “The Choice” by Dr. Eli Goldratt, Founder of…

The 8 Most Effective Tactics for Optimizing B2B landing pages

The world around us is filled with opportunities; we could do this, that, or the other thing. The challenge we face as online marketers is where we should put our focus. Focus (i.e. Time) and money are the constraints we all operate under and if you’re trying to build a fast growing company you’ll need…

Learn With Google – Webinars

There is so much stuff out there on the internet, that most of the time resources don’t get used because people don’t know about them. I was going through my RSS reader today and stumbled upon the Learn with Google Webinar Series. They cover topics from Beginner to Advance. Video marketing, display advertising, shopping and…

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Jim Freedman Recommends Ulrich Inge

“Ulrich was a student in one of my classes during his junior year. After the semester he worked on a project team that helped a small start up company with their web strategy specifically helping them with search engine optimization and search engine marketing plans. I then recommended him to three different companies all of whom were more than pleased with his quick, efficient and creative support.
Ulrich clearly understands advanced concepts in search engine optimization and marketing and would be a great asset to any firm looking for that area of expertise.”

Stever Yi

Ulrich has worked on my search engine optimization for my business website with the goal of increasing my page rankings on google and increase traffic leading to increase in revenues. He did just that and much more. He has created page one rankings for over 45 of our main keywords and we’re now able track traffic through analytics. We are now on the first page of almost all the keywords for our business.

Although, I have yet to meet Ulrich
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“Ulrich has had a substantial impact on the web presence of a company with which I am involved. He was extremely effective in deploying his expertise on search engine optimization and internet marketing. Ulrich excels at follow up and keeping a project on track when other participants have limited bandwidth, indispensable in this case. In addition he is very easy going and a delight to work with.”

George Wyner

George Wyner

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