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  • Response to Ronan’s Article on Luck + Talent + Wisdom

    My friend Ronan Mcgovern has a series on entrepreneurship on his blog. One post in particular caught my eye. I wrote this blog comment in response. You can see the original article here: http://ronanmcgovern.com/2016/01/17/part-9-entrepreneurship-luck-talent-wisdom/ ——– Hey Ronan, I’m enjoying your regular articles. At the moment I’m reading “The Choice” by Dr. Eli Goldratt, Founder of […]

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  • The 8 Most Effective Tactics for Optimizing B2B landing pages

    The world around us is filled with opportunities; we could do this, that, or the other thing. The challenge we face as online marketers is where we should put our focus. Focus (i.e. Time) and money are the constraints we all operate under and if you’re trying to build a fast growing company you’ll need […]

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  • Learn With Google – Webinars

    There is so much stuff out there on the internet, that most of the time resources don’t get used because people don’t know about them. I was going through my RSS reader today and stumbled upon the Learn with Google Webinar Series. They cover topics from Beginner to Advance. Video marketing, display advertising, shopping and […]

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  • What Would Google Tell You to Do if they were your SEO Consultants?

      I’ve been in the consulting business for about 7 years now and the principles always stay the same. Over those years, I’ve seen con artists and potion sellers come and go who pretend to have the best thing since flying pigs… aka… nothing you’d want to sell to your mom… Anyways, in all my […]

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  • If you’re only focusing on Google SEO, you’re making a mistake

    The worst number in business in 1. 1 Employee who does everything 1 merchant account 1 Product 1 Customer 1 Source of income 1 marketing campaign and 1 Source of traffic. If you have been spending hours and hours, plus thousands of dollars on getting “Free” traffic from the Search Engines, then you are setting […]

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  • Gmail Delegation helps keep business going when you’re away

    Google recently released a video on the new Gmail Delegation function on Google Apps. If you’re using Google Apps, like myself, you’ve been able to enjoy the many tools availabel. I mostly use the Google Drive function to connect with the team and move projects forward. At the moment we have about 10 Google Apps […]

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  • Google Search vs Google Search Partners

    As we start looking in to advertising metrics it is important to understand what brings the best results. Where are people coming from? How much am I playing for each visitor? What is the conversion rate? What is the conversion rate of my funnel? (i.e. how many of my opt ins turn in to sales) […]

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  • 5 Facebook and Twitter Marketing Alternatives to Try in 2014

    In one of my youtube videos I talked about the process I go through when working with a client. To make the context easier, I’ll talk to you like you’re about to become my client… First we would sit down and I would listen about all the goals you have, what you’re currently doing, the […]

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